AS Group is committed to apply environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of its business operations.

We promote a corporate culture where compliance with applicable environmental requirements is the minimum level of acceptable performance.

We believe that the economic growth of our company and the conservation of our natural environment are complementary.

​We shall continue to make improvements to our environmental management system guided by the philosophy of taking action with the future of the planet in mind.

And for us it’s not just words.

The Gas Cleaning Divisions of AS Group, Duscon and ECM, were conceived to provide state-of-the-art technological solution in order to efficiently allow the cleaning of hazardous gases and the control of atmospheric pollution.

Also, Industrial ventilation plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and productivity of factory and refinery operations. In addition, efficient ventilation can improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible industrial process. With AS GROUP expertise and equipment, manufacturing companies can optimize their ventilation systems to meet the highest safety standards and achieve optimal performance, while contributing to environmental challenges.

This is why it has always been in our ethics to face this fundamental challenge and to work toward a sustainable future.